Recognising the strength of women with a focus on leadership

March 8, 2024 BY

Charlie Clark has been working at Coulter Legal for more than seven years.

Charlie Clark is a senior associate at Coulter Legal, practicing in litigation and dispute resolution.

She has worked at Coulter Legal for more than seven years, where she started as a family law assistant whilst studying her law and arts degree at Deakin in Geelong.

From there, Charlie progressed to a paralegal position for the family law and litigation and dispute resolution teams.

After graduating she began working as a lawyer within the same team, where she is currently a senior associate.

Charlie is proud of the results she has been able to get for her clients as well as the relationships she has built with them along the way.

“Often litigation can go on for three or four years before there’s a resolution reached,” she said.

“You’re dealing with someone for that significant period of time, helping them navigate terrain that they’re unfamiliar with and that is one of the biggest achievements I’ve had.”

Charlie said she also enjoyed the range of work that she undertakes, with everyday being different, her work is always interesting.

Last year she completed the Activate Leadership Program through the Committee for Geelong, where she developed her mentoring and leadership skills.

The team at Coulter Legal is made up of predominantly women, with a focus on women in leadership roles.

Charlie said there had been many key women who had been mentors for her at the firm and it had been helpful to have them to learn from.

“It’s really good to recognise the strength of women, particularly in a business setting, and some of the
skills that we can bring to negotiation or resolution in legal disputes.”

Charlie is a local Torquay resident, with strong family ties to the community. She is also a current board member for Feed Me and has been since 2021.

She joined the Feed Me board when the organisation was still quite young and was wanting to address the growing issue of food security in the region.

“I am really passionate about the organisation’s mission, including its food rescue and food relief operations, and thought it would be a great opportunity for me to get involved in the local community,” she said.

Charlie works out of the Coulter Legal office in Bristol Road, Torquay.

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