Rest, relax, restore and rejuvenate at Summer House Retreat

March 3, 2023 BY

As a qualified life coach with Beautiful You Academy, Deb believes anyone can transform their life.

Deb Fowler is the embodiment of transformation.

Deb has been following a healing journey since she suffered a severe accident some 20 years ago.

While many would have been broken by the challenges thrown at her, Deb used them as a catalyst to transform not only herself but others’ lives too.

“I believe in the power of transformation,” Deb said.

“I’m thankful for the adversity I faced as it directed me onto a self-development, well-being path that has grounded me into the person I am today.”

As a qualified life coach with Beautiful You Academy, Deb believes anyone can transform their life, whether through a small shift to a complete reinvention of oneself.

Deb uses her personal experiences and life coaching expertise to support women on their journey towards self-care and discovering who they are meant to be.

“After my accident, I was on a path of self-healing, realising there needed to be a space on the Surf Coast for women to gather to rejuvenate both their body and soul,” Deb said.

As a result, she took a leap of faith a few years ago to transform a 100-year-old weatherboard cottage into one of Victoria’s most sought-after wellness retreat facilities, now known as the Summer House Retreat.

“The moment I saw the Summer House, I felt an instant connection and was guided by my intuition to rebuild and transform the cottage.

It clearly needed so much love and attention; but then again, so did I at the time,” Deb laughed.

Over nine months, Deb and her husband lovingly restored Summer House into a peaceful, tranquil space for life-changing experiences.

“Summer House Retreat is more than a house; it’s a peaceful sanctuary that welcomes you as soon as you step through the door,” Deb said.

With exquisite ocean views, Summer House Retreat’s large coastal home is a luxurious yet sacred space for unique and bespoke retreats on the Surf Coast.

“Our large flexible studio space, mineral pool, designer kitchen and extensive living and dining spaces provide a nurturing space where guests can reconnect with their inner selves, nurture their relationships and explore the great outdoors,” Deb said.

Summer House Retreat offers a place of transformation, a judgement-free space where anyone can be nurtured to start a new journey.

Deb’s offering does not stop at the rental of her Summer House Retreat.

“Hosting a retreat can be overwhelming and time-consuming,” Deb says.

“That’s why my heart-based business model includes retreat planning assistance.”

Supported by Deb’s extensive retreat experience and her step-by-step Retreat Planning Guide, you will find it easy to meet the needs of your clientele, creating a memorable and successful retreat.

“I have a special interest in empowering women to build up their businesses,” Deb said.

“Summer House Retreat allows me to help Retreat Facilitators create intimate, transformational retreats while building a financially lucrative separate income stream for their business.”

If you are interested in hosting a retreat at Summer House, book a free connection call with Deb via the her website at

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