Rethinking Australian architecture and embracing the future

March 8, 2024 BY

Jessica Murray is the director of Cooper and Blake Architecture, where her expertise drive designs beyond aesthetics

In the spirit of Women’s Day, the team at Cooper and Blake look toward women-led innovation within Australian architecture.

Jessica Murray, Director of Cooper and Blake Architecture, is crafting spaces that harmoniously blend form, function, and future-readiness.

This is a testament not only to her professional prowess in a traditionally male-dominated field, but her dedication as a mother.

As urban landscapes expand and environmental challenges intensify, Australia’s architecture frequently finds itself grappling with the harsh realities of its climate and the diverse needs of its people.

Yet so many homes mirror a standard blueprint that underestimates the imperatives of environmental design and glosses over the inherent uniqueness of each family.

Enter Cooper and Blake’s ‘Holistic Home Method’—an approach that considers not just the bricks and mortar of abodes, but also the ineffable quality of life within, grounding every project in the principles of site specific, client centric and timeless architecture.

Jessica believes that homes need to be active contributors to a household’s well-being and the conservation of the planet.

By acknowledging the shifting sands of time, growing and adapting with its inhabitants, ensuring every space is high-value, both in utility and sentiment.

Named affectionately after her daughters – Airlie Cooper and Kirrily Blake – Cooper and Blake Architecture stands to be a beacon of sustainable, meaningful architecture.

Jessica’s expertise propels an innovative drive toward designs that go beyond aesthetics.

It’s about building homes with a heart that echo the laughter of children, Cooper and Blake Architecture is Jessica’s pledge to the family and the future.

Its philosophy, which champions quality over quantity and context over convention, represents a profound understanding that buildings should be more than structures; they should be embodiments of endurance, adaptability, and love.

Jessica finds joy in weaving narratives that become tailored solutions to individual styles, needs and ecological responsibility.

Where rooms bathed in natural light and with air flow, a Cooper and Blake home is not mere shelter, but sanctuary—a place that cherishes its occupants, today and for generations to come.

This Women’s Day, Cooper and Blake Architecture celebrate the indomitable spirit of women like Jessica Murray, who are redefining industries, challenging norms, and contributing to the social fabric with thoughtful innovation.

The walls she constructs are more than physical boundaries—they symbolise resilience, creativity, and a commitment to excellence that mirrors the complexity and strength of womanhood itself.

With Cooper and Blake, Australian architecture is being reinvigorated with passion and purpose.

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