Shedding light on the silent struggles of chronic pain

March 8, 2024 BY

Mia de Rauch's podcast "Chronic Convos" is a space for people to share and know they are not alone in their struggles.

In a world where millions silently battle with chronic pain, a local podcaster is stepping in to amplify their voices and experiences.

“Chronic Convos,” hosted by Mia de Rauch, aims to shed light on the often-overlooked struggles and triumphs of those living with invisible and life-altering conditions.

Each podcast episode invites listeners to join a journey of empathy and understanding as it explores the complexities of chronic pain. “Chronic Convos” delves into the intricate web of emotions, challenges, and coping mechanisms that accompany chronic pain conditions, offering a beacon of hope and solidarity for those who feel unseen and unheard.

Host and producer Mia de Rauch wanted to create a platform that was a safe space for those affected by chronic pain to tell their stories.

“The podcast is a place for them to share, and know they are not alone in their struggles,” she said.

From the debilitating effects of illness to the profound grief that often accompanies a life marked by chronic pain, each episode offers a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the lived experiences of individuals navigating these challenges.

It was Mia’s own struggles with chronic pain that led her to reframe her business and begin to build this podcast.

Her experience and those of sufferers inspired her to focus her attention on conversations and openness around invisible conditions.

The podcast also features in-depth conversations with experts in the field, including doctors and specialists who offer invaluable insights into the medical aspects of chronic pain management.

Season one includes interviews with St Vincent’s Hospital Chair of Medicine, Head of Research for MS Australia and the founder of EndoHelp sharing their knowledge and advice.

Listeners of “Chronic Convos” can expect to hear candid and poignant stories from individuals living with a range of silent conditions, from fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis to endometriosis and chronic migraines.

Through these personal narratives, the podcast aims to challenge misconceptions surrounding chronic pain and foster greater empathy and understanding within society.

As Mia explains, “Chronic Convos” is not just about pain; it’s about resilience and strength.

It’s about enabling meaningful conversations that have the power to ignite positive change, creating a more understanding and compassionate world.

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