Sparkling smiles ignite passion of seaside jeweller

March 3, 2023 BY

Sabrina Kingsley of Silver and Sea offers top-quality workmanship, with expert jewellers handling everything from repair, remake, cleaning or bespoke pieces for clients.

A decade after taking a leap of faith to start her own Torquay jewellery shop, Sabrina Kingsley’s passion for the business has never been stronger.

Sabrina’s business journey with Silver and Sea Jewellery started in 2013 during a conversation with real estate agent Graeme McCartney about an empty shop in the Gilbert Street arcade.

“The conversations between my husband and I were endless for the next few days, eventually my husband saying ‘Take it, it’s what you know’,” Sabrina said.

“After much consideration over a weekend, I finally convinced myself maybe I could do it.

“You can’t expect to achieve anything if you never take any risks.”

With the 10-year anniversary fast approaching, the business’ ongoing success has proved Sabrina was right to back herself.

She said her passion for the store and what it represents had only grown in the time since.

“Through the years you start to realise this is you and what you love to do, you’re showing your expressive self and put your heart and soul into everything.

“Whether it be selecting jewellery, packaging, deciding on logos, cleaning, doing displays or designing, you do your best so it all comes together to enhance the overall appearance.”

Silver and Sea prides itself on its top-quality workmanship, with its two expert jewellers handling everything from repair, remake, cleaning or bespoke pieces for clients.

Sabrina said the business’ commitment to detail was the secret to achieving its immaculate results for customers.

“Being able to design something so beautiful for an individual that’s a part of you and now a part of them is extra special. It’s like putting a piece of artwork on your client.

“It’s incredible how many hearts you can touch with the right piece of bespoke jewellery.”

Despite a decade’s worth of growth in her field, Sabrina said her taste for just the right pieces had remained constant.

She has an eye for enduring items that stand the test of time and that customers are comfortable enough in to wear each day.

“I’d describe myself as a lover of classic and timeless fashion as well as jewellery. Simplicity at its best never fails.

“With every piece of jewellery on display at Silver and Sea, apart from a few pieces, I’d like to think they’re not going to sit sadly in a jewellery box and not see the light of day until the next special occasion

“I’d like to think they’re there for you to love, to wear as your signature pieces day in, day out.”

Another constant during the period is the close-knit relationship that Sabrina shares with her customers, who she says have become long-term friends in some cases.

“Since opening the business back in 2013, the people I’ve met, some are now my nearest and dearest, the conversations I’ve had, some with complete strangers have been very touching and I’m so grateful they trust me to share their true feelings.”

Silver and Sea Jewellery is open at 3/7 Gilbert Street in Torquay.

Follow the business on Instagram @silverandseaofficial or on Facebook at Silver and Sea Jewellery Torquay.