Support, flexibility, respect and trust: How Davidsons inspires diversity and inclusion

March 8, 2024 BY

The team at Davidsons Accountants has a people focussed approach and an inclusive culture.

Since its beginning in 1905, Davidsons Accountants and Business Consultants has seen its fair share of change.

From the early days of servicing wool mills and manufacturing plants to today, where the 50-strong team supports the region’s diverse industries, the firm has evolved alongside the community.

Throughout all this monumental change, some things have remained constant, like Davidsons’s unwavering commitment to supporting, respecting, and bringing out the best in its people.

Director Kylie McEwan credits the firm’s longevity to its genuine people-focused approach and close local ties.

“We combine the expertise and capabilities of a larger firm with the personal touch and local connections of a much smaller practice,” she said.

“Our commitment to building long-term relationships and serving as a ‘safe space’ for our clients is at the heart of everything we do.”

This ethos strongly aligns with the 2024 International Women’s Day theme, ‘Inspire Inclusion’.

Kylie believes the firm’s continued growth and success are largely due to the inclusive culture it’s worked hard to foster.

While accounting was once the domain of number-crunching men in grey suits, the Davidsons team spans a diverse range of backgrounds, ages, and gender.

The team is now 60 per cent female, with women well-represented in key senior leadership roles across the tax, audit and business services divisions.

This commitment to leveraging diverse perspectives enables Davidsons to find the ‘right fit’ for every client.

“People may be surprised by what a people-focused profession accounting is,” tax and business services manager Katelyn Shirley said.

“You think you’ll deal with numbers and spreadsheets all day, but that’s not the case.”

For women at Davidsons, the transition from accounting to senior leadership has been marked by high levels of support and trust.

Audit Manager Lucy Partridge feels “respected, heard and seen”, noting the entire team, from graduates to directors, take an ‘all hands-on deck’ approach to supporting one another and getting the job done.

Work-life balance is also treated as an essential priority for the wellbeing and sustainability of staff.

Tax and Business Services Manager, Carolyn Grills-Harte, said Davidsons have been really supportive over the years and work-life balance is important.

“There’s always elements of give and take, and Davidsons has always given when the team has needed it.”

Whether assisting local manufacturers, family businesses, non-profit organisations or sole traders, Davidsons leverages its inclusive culture to build strong connections.

As Kylie puts it: “Embracing diversity helps us better empathise, communicate and collaborate – ultimately leading to better outcomes for all.”

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