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March 3, 2023 BY

Kristie McDonald of Geelong Barwon Simply Helping is continuously upskilling and learning for the betterment of her team, clients and business.

Located in Torquay, Geelong Barwon Simply Helping is well placed to service the Surf Coast community thanks to the staff’s locality and excellent knowledge of Geelong and surrounds.

Being locally operated means the Simply Helping team can act at a moment’s notice and provide flexible, responsive, and tailored services to any person in the community that needs a helping hand with a particular focus on Home Care Packages and NDIS.

Simply Helping encourage choice and offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to, short term and long-term care, respite to provide a break for carer/s, domestic assistance to maintain cleanliness, personal care to support your hygiene needs and companionship.

With the majority of the employees at Simply Helping being female, it makes Kristie McDonald proud to be a woman and continue her journey on the path to success knowing she is surrounded by strong, talented and fierce women.

As a leader at Simply Helping, Kristie is forever grateful the supportive teams and how they have encouraged her to achieve bigger and better things.

“I can have my say and know that my opinions are heard and valued.

There is so much room for growth and creativity, and now I struggle with where to start,” she said.

“I love coming into work each day knowing that I am supported to express myself, encouraged to learn and think outside the box and inspired to drive change.”

Kristie’s career in the community services industry has taught her an array of things about herself.

“I’ve learned to push myself into unfamiliar territory and always be open to learning new things and experiences as this is where we experience tremendous periods of growth,” she said.

Kristie said stepping into the unknown helped her learn her strengths and weaknesses and how to best draw on those skills in any setting she finds herself in.

She believes successful women in business own their traits and understand how to use them in not just in a workplace setting, but in life.

“Confidence is critical if you want to win.

The easiest way to win people’s respect, earn their trust and create a solid reputation is to be confident and have confidence in everything you do,” Kristie said.

“Passion is also another major factor of the success of women in business – there is such a powerful energy in women that are passionate about their cause or their work.

“Passion conveys strength and determination in the business world, and you’d be hard pressed not to find a business owner out there who isn’t passionate about their brand or product; after all, passion is what drives the industry and what drives each one of us to keep going because we believe we are making an impact and changing things for the better.

“I challenge all women to have the courage and confidence to be ambitious and always strive to push forward.”

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