Wines with quality, community and purpose at its heart

March 3, 2023 BY

Nadine Kuc, of BAIE Wines, is excited about her company's future.

Sixteen years after launching the first vintage of BAIE Wines, Nadine Kuc looks back at what a wonderful wild ride the venture has been.

Together with husband Simon, Nadine wanted to take the family’s 20-acre vineyard to the next level by producing under their own label – and so BAIE Wines was born.

From very small beginnings, Nadine and Simon had a clear vision of creating a wine business that had quality, people, and community and purpose at the heart of it.

So, while Simon and Dad Peter worked tirelessly in the vineyard to ensure the best quality of fruit, Nadine would head out on the road, often with new baby Luca in the pram in tow, to meet with local hospitality legends to talk to them about what she was trying to achieve.

Fast-forward to now and BAIE Wines is a much-loved, iconic local wine that generally sells out before the next year’s vintage can be released, and is stocked in many of the region’s best restaurants and wine stores.

It is also the exclusive waterfront location of some beautiful weddings and pop-up events.

In recent years, Nadine has taken a special focus on incorporating the family’s core values of community and inclusivity into the business; creating a new community called BAIE Insider that rewards customers for their loyalty in purchasing wine, gives exclusive access to exciting offers and pop-up events, and for those BAIE-lovers on the highest tier – priority purchase when a vintage is almost sold out.

To best serve this community Nadine created a new concept called “Insider Stories”, where each year a number of “muses” are selected for each vintage release.

Nadine carefully selects these muses through considering their impact and how they are working to make this world a better place.

She then works closely with the muses to tell their story to the BAIE community while also raising awareness and funds for important local communities.

To date, BAIE Wines has raised more than $20,000 for organisations such as Feed Me Bellarine, Support Your Girls, Baked by Us and The Mark West Foundation.

With a desire to continue making an impact and serve the community the best they can, BAIE Wines has some big announcements around who this year’s muse or muses will be in addition to some never-seen-before events.

It goes without saying the first people to get the lowdown will be the BAIE Insider community, so if you’d like to join the free rewards programme filled with wine-loving, good hearted humans, head to

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