Access to critical health services on the Bellarine

August 18, 2022 BY

The clinic is welcoming of all individuals over the age of three months old.

The Bellarine Respiratory Clinic is a critical specialised health infrastructure located in Ocean Grove.

This infrastructure has been established to ensure the safety of the greater community, through managing those who have tested positive to COVID-19, as well as those who are presenting with respiratory symptoms.

The Bellarine respiratory clinic houses both doctors and nurses, who are equipped to appropriately respond to the array of respiratory related health concerns that are frequently avoided by others in the industry.

The clinic allows those who have tested positive to COVID-19 to maintain access to fully-trained and qualified healthcare professionals.

Thus, providing an avenue of support to safely manage their health along their trajectory of testing positive to the virus.

Additionally, those presenting with respiratory symptoms are offered a PCR test and/or face-to-face assessment by a General Practitioner (GP) at the clinic.

There are two available swab rooms, as well as GP assessment rooms in the Bellarine practice, ensuring a 24-48 hour turnaround of PCR test results.

This time frame will differ due to the load of testing at the time your swab is taken. Negative test results will be delivered via SMS directly to the patient.

The delivery of positive test results varies depending on how the patient has booked their appointment at the clinic.

Should the patient have arrived at the clinic through a referral from their regular GP, test results will be returned to this doctor, otherwise they will be delivered directly to the patient.

GP assessments take slightly longer, however per each room there are more than 15 appointments available on any given day.

Should a patient prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home, the Bellarine respiratory clinic offers telehealth consults.

The clinic is welcoming of all individuals over the age of three months old.

Offering all of the available respiratory and COVID related services free of charge to eligible members of the community.

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