Can you relate to this story?

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Try and imagine yourself at the funeral of a distant relative.

The celebrant has just introduced the speaker who is giving the Eulogy.

Groomed appropriately for the occasion they make their way to the front of the room, position and straighten up a pile of crinkled and well-rehearsed notes, a deep clearing of the throat and nose blow, unfortunately into the microphone signifies the beginning of the Eulogy.

Now while it was lovingly prepared for the day, it is long, repetitive, at times irrelevant and approaches the 10 minute mark.

Have you experienced something similar? Do you remember the physical discomfort and the mental effort required to keep your mind focused as you pick tiny fragments of lint off yourself?

How can we make sure this doesn’t happen? A well-documented funeral plan is one way you can minimise the chance of this happening at yours or that of a loved one.

From Tuesday, May 21 to Thursday May 23, Tuckers Funeral and Bereavement Service will open its doors across three locations to talk about Funerals.

Combining their experience with local industry knowledge, Funeral Directors Sue Marshman and Alyson Burchell offer this unique opportunity to gain more understanding of; the options available today.

The sessions will provide specific information relating to local cemeteries and the crematorium, the costs associated with these, the legal rights people have after death and how you can be sure your wishes will be honored.

A well-documented funeral plan held with a funeral director, is a way you can make certain your wishes are known and that the best emotional and physical supports are in place for your family.

Attending one of these sessions is a way to take the first step when considering a funeral plan.

It’s an opportunity to come and listen, hear the questions being raised and develop a stronger sense of what is important and equally not important to you. You may even bring along your own questions.

Funeral plans vary in length and in level of detail – no funeral should ever be the same.

Tuckers Funeral and Bereavement Service will open its doors across three locations to talk about Funerals.


Most funerals today are centered around the person who has lived, their life, values, outlook, personality, and the more instructions and details the funeral director has to create a personalised service around these identified qualities the better the outcome.

Families today are spread out across the world, are blended, some people don’t have any immediate family members, while others have large families which can be complicated if they all have differing opinions.

This is why it is wise and important to complete a funeral plan and keep it with your legal documents.

For those interested in prepaying a funeral, now is the time to act with the end of the financial year approaching.

Session details are as follows, Tuesday 21st May 10.30am at Tuckers Chapel Grovedale, Wednesday 22nd May 2pm at Tuckers Les Cole Chapel in Geelong West and Thursday 23rd May 10.30am at Tuckers Chapel Lara. Should you require further information please call Tuckers on 52214788 .

Tuckers Funeral and Bereavement Service will open its doors across three locations to talk about Funerals.

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