Lifestyle Communities: A business for purpose

June 28, 2024 BY

At Lifestyle Communitie,s homeowners feel included, supported, seen, heard, respected, engaged and valued.

For more than 20 years, Lifestyle Communities has lived and breathed the wants and needs of the downsizer homeowner, going beyond expectations and consistently evolving to meet customer needs.

Their journey began in 2003, fuelled by unwavering dedication and passion. This is not just a story of business; it’s a tale of purpose, with the dream of creating something extraordinary.

Proudly exclusive to Victoria, Lifestyle Communities distinguishes itself with an ever-expanding, dynamic portfolio. Catering to the young at heart, aged 50 and above, whether still working, retiring to reinvent, or seeking a change, they’ve not only redefined downsizing but also emerged as leaders in the field.

Lifestyle Communities prioritise sustained community growth. Photo: SUPPLIED


What truly sets them apart is their steadfast dedication to a long-term vision. Unlike profit-driven developers, Lifestyle Communities prioritise sustained community growth over fleeting gains. Each community follows a meticulously crafted 30-year plan, ensuring ongoing revitalisation and meticulous maintenance. Furthermore, they offer a robust financial investment opportunity, with their homes boasting an impressive average capital growth of 9 per cent per annum*.

Lifestyle Communities caters to the young at heart, redefining downsizing and emerging as leaders in the field. 


Within their communities, homeowners are more than just neighbours – they are treasured members of the extended Lifestyle family, united by a shared resolve to seize every moment. With over 6,000 homeowners feeling included, supported, seen, heard, respected, engaged, and valued, their strong referral rate is a testament to the genuine sense of community that defines Lifestyle communities.

Get a feel of what it’s like to live in a lifestyle community. Phone the team on 1300 50 55 60 to book a free tour of one of their communities today.

* Based on historical data over the past decade.

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