Tapping into the community for educational innovation.

May 10, 2024 BY
St Aloysius Primary School Innovative Learning

Henry working with sand. BELOW: (L-R) Billy, Nate, Kade and Lucas discover. Photos: SUPPLIED

The St Aloysius Primary School is leveraging its strong local connections to provide students with innovative educational experiences.

Visual/performing arts and STEAM educators Jo Britt and Emma Martison have been pivotal in integrating real-world environmental studies into the curriculum through partnerships with Land Care Victoria, Bellarine Catchment Network, and Deakin University.

Henry working with sand. Photo: SUPPLIED


These collaborations enable students to participate actively in projects aimed at preserving local wildlife habitats, particularly in Swan Bay and the Great Southern Reef in Port Phillip.

The school’s Outdoor Learning Program has been instrumental in deepening students’ understanding of these ecosystems, with a goal to replicate these habitats within the school grounds.

St Aloysius students are benefiting from interactions with the local arts community, including visits to Seaview and Salt Galleries in Queenscliff and a regional partnership with Geelong Art Gallery.

These engagements have not only enhanced classroom practices but have also led to the creation of award-winning artworks.

Prep class hard at work. Photo: SUPPLIED


The school’s commitment to community and local history was also evident during the Anzac Day commemorations at Fort Queenscliff, where students presented speeches as part of the community march and ceremony.

This year, St Aloysius celebrated its 120th anniversary, marking its long-standing contribution to Catholic education in the region and consistently high NAPLAN scores over the past five years.

As St Aloysius continues to connect its rich history with innovative educational practices, it remains a vibrant part of the community, shaping the futures of its students.

The school is now accepting mid-year enrolments for certain year levels, with all enquiries for 2025 welcomed.

Students from St Aloysius have also created great connections with local artists and galleries that have influenced their classroom practice. Photo: SUPPLIED

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