Transcending traditional learning boundaries

May 10, 2024 BY
Newcomb Secondary College STEM Education

Students address real-world challenges through projects such as 'A Call to Action' and 'Future Suburbs'.

STEM is not just an academic requirement at Newcomb Secondary College (NSC), it’s a vibrant and engaging pathway to understanding the world.

This year, NSC is embracing the theme “Spotlight on STEM” for the 2024 Education Week, proudly showcasing its innovative programs that bring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to life for every student.

A cornerstone of its STEM education is the GROW program, where students engage in hands-on, practical experiences that transcend traditional learning boundaries.

Students explore aerodynamics and robotics through collaborative drone units and tackle engineering principles by building marble runs using the design thinking process.

These projects not only engage students but also deepen their understanding of complex concepts through practical application.

Newcomb Secondary College emphasises extensive practical investigations in the world of science.


Collaboration with the Geelong Tech School and various industry partners enhances the curriculum by integrating authentic learning opportunities.

Through projects such as “A Call to Action” and “Future Suburbs”, students address real-world challenges such as e-waste and urbanisation, proposing innovative solutions that showcase their ability to apply classroom knowledge to global issues.

In the realm of science, NSC emphasises extensive practical investigations.

Students are encouraged to follow the scientific method rigorously conducting experiments, analysing data, and drawing conclusions that stand up to scrutiny.

STEM is more than just an academic requirement at Newcomb Secondary College.


Beyond the classroom, students can join the NEST (Newcomb Environment and Sustainability Team) and STEM@N clubs, participating in citizen science programs, challenges, and excursions that enhance their scientific and interpersonal skills.

The in-house laser cutting unit allows students to design and create personal projects, blending artistic creativity with technical precision.

This hands-on approach ensures that each student can see the tangible results of their learning, reinforcing the practical importance of STEM skills.

At NSC, STEM education is a dynamic, immersive experience that prepares students not only for academic success but also for lifelong curiosity and a commitment to solving the global challenges of tomorrow.

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