Pioneering health and wellbeing in the workplace

May 3, 2024 BY

Arthur St Director Matt Cowdell (right) accepts the award. Photo: ALAN BARBER

Winning an award is usually a moment of immediate celebration and pride, but for Arthur St, the Health and Wellbeing Promoting Workplace Award, sponsored by Barwon Health, has had a lasting impact on the company.

The prestigious accolade continues to reflect the agency’s ongoing commitment to fostering a supportive and innovative work environment that prioritises the health and wellbeing of its team long after the initial accolades.

Arthur St Director Matt Cowdell explains that the business’s success is deeply rooted in its culture.

“We have an amazing team culture and the most kind, supportive and clever team. Our culture is playful, curious, empathetic and supportive,” Cowdell said.

He attributes the success and cohesion of the team to their dedication to embodying the company’s core values, which has been instrumental in crafting a thriving workplace.

Since receiving the award, Arthur St has noticed a positive shift in business growth, partnerships, and customer engagement. Photo: SUPPLIED


Arthur St is renowned for its comprehensive suite of services, ranging from digital and social media strategy to content marketing and brand strategy.

Their expertise in lead generation, SEO, and advertising through various digital channels like Google Ads and social media enhances their clients’ digital footprints effectively.

“It’s the teams award really. Without the team, our diversity and our different skillsets the agency wouldn’t be what it is today,” Cowdell said.

The agency’s commitment to ongoing learning and career development within digital marketing has enabled them to continuously enhance their service offerings.

Winning the Health and Wellbeing Promoting Workplace Award has had a significant impact on the agency’s operations and brand recognition. “We’re proud of the award and promote it whenever we can,” Cowdell stated.

“Running a business is hectic and also the pace of agency life is swift, so it’s been nice to stop and reflect on what we’ve achieved as a business.

“I’d like to think we already have pretty good brand awareness for who we are amongst the business community, but hopefully seeing us win the award pushes other businesses to look further into what we do.”

Since receiving the award, Arthur St has noticed a positive shift in business growth, partnerships, and customer engagement.

“It was amazing to see the number of other businesses that congratulated us straight after the award; it has to go a long way for brand recognition.” Cowdell said.

Entries to the GBEA will remain open until 4pm on Friday, July 12. For more information, head to gbea.com.au


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