A blend of wine and comedy

June 13, 2024 BY

Merrick Watts will return to Mount Duneed Estate for An Idiot's Guide to Wine: Volume two. Photo: GRAPES OF MIRTH/FACEBOOK

Australian comedian Merrick Watts is bringing a second volume of An Idiot’s Guide to Wine to Mount Duneed Estate.

Presented by Grapes of Mirth, the show combines Watts’ two passions: wine and comedy.

Watts is a qualified wine expert and a Barossa wine master, amd will bring his knowledge to the show as the audiences taste six different types of wines with his comedy intertwined.

“It’s a very, very funny show, but there’s lots of little nuggets of facts about wine in the show, that’s what makes it unique,” he said.

Watts said Geelong is a really humorous town.

“I grew up in Melbourne so I spent a lot of summers either going to or passing through Geelong as a kid.

“It’s a fantastic place, it’s got a good sense of humour – except for about footy, you don’t make jokes about footy, do not make jokes about [Patrick] Dangerfield.”

The new show follows on from a successful tour throughout 2022 and 2023, where he performed at sold out venues with volume one.

Watts is the “head clown” of Grapes of Mirth, with the idea forming during lockdown when he was trying to escape his children.

“My family was driving me insane, so I cracked it and I climbed up a ladder into the attic of our house so I could get away.

“I was just like ‘I have to write something because I’m bored and I need to do something’ and I’ve had the idea kind of kicking around for a while to combine the two things and it just happened; it flowed so naturally.”

Watts said he was really enjoying the second edition of his show and for those who haven’t seen the first one, “it makes no difference, it’s not like Star Wars”.

An Idiot’s Guide to Wine: Volume Two will take the stage on July 19.

For tickets and more information, head to grapesofmirth.com.au

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