A multitude of benefits in volunteering

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Volunteers have also felt the benefits of contributing their time and skills. Photo: SUPPLIED. BELOW: National Volunteer Week with run from May 20 until May 26. Photo: SUPPLIED

SURF Coast Charity All Aboard understands the valuable role volunteers play within the sector.

All Aboard run programs within the community for adults living with a disability, focusing on high quality, individualised and innovative support.

They have a number of volunteers who donate their time and skills each week to ensure the programs run smoothly.

Volunteers make a massive difference at All Aboard, providing them with an extra set of hands in their programs. Photo: SUPPLIED


All Aboard Co-founder Kate Marshall said their volunteers were an extra set of hands in their programs and provide them with great support during fundraisers.

“Volunteers serve so many purposes and charities in general couldn’t function without their volunteers.

“Charities just can’t grow if they haven’t got that input from the community and we’re really community-focused, we love to draw on local skills and local people.”

Ms Marshall said volunteering also brought benefits to those donating their time, with many of them learning along the way.

“When you’re feeling able, volunteering somewhere is good for you, you get far more back for your mental health and wellbeing.

National Volunteer Week with run from May 20 until May 26. Photo: SUPPLIED

One of the volunteers at All Aboard was diagnosed with ADHD later in life and said the experience had been transformative for them.

“Through my interactions with individuals with disabilities, I have gained a deeper understanding and acceptance of myself,” they said.

“Being able to witness the determination and resilience of those I work with has inspired me to embrace my own unique traits and challenges.”

All Aboard draws on the skills of local volunteers, with everybody welcome. Photo: SUPPLIED


In celebration of National Volunteers Week, which runs from May 20 until May 26, All Aboard will be making a big fuss of their volunteers and acknowledging all their hard work.

Anybody is welcome to bring their skills to All Aboard with a range of different opportunities available.

To volunteer at All Aboard or for more information, email Kate Marshall on [email protected]


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