Alana Wilkinson takes her songs on the road

October 31, 2019 BY

Alana Wilkinson is recording her debut album.

The past few months have been busy for Alana Wilkinson, having performed at a string of high profile shows.

But with a spot at the Queenscliff Music Festival (QMF) next month and the recording of a new album under way, there is plenty more to come from her.

Based on the Surf Coast, the folk singer-songwriter has released two singles (“Closer” and “Partner in Crime”) and has been the support act for The Pierce Brothers, Bob Evans, Eddi Reader and Sarah McLeod.

Presently working on her first album, Wilkinson said she is loving the experience.

“We’ve decided to turn the EP into an album. So, I’ve been in the studio recording a bunch of new songs, and that’s just the best, I really love that side of things. I also get to work with a dear friend of mine who’s producing the album: Hayden Calnin. We just go in

there and nerd out on sound for hours.”

Yet Wilkinson says not all work from the album will be studio recorded, as for some songs they decided to work in a less confined environment.

“We went out to a friend’s church and it was great.”

Wilkinson performed at the QMF last year, and said it was a great experience.

“It was magical. The vibe there is so incredible. There was a bit of a dance party that started at one of my shows, which equal parts hilarious and exhilarating.”

Wilkinson has been on the road a lot recently, and is playing at the Mullum Music Festival the week before the QMF.

She says she loves the travel, but being from the Surf Coast she also gets a lot of joy from performing around the area.

“It’s really good to be performing back in Queenscliff and down this way as well.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing Claire Bowditch again, because I played with her at a show in winter.”

While Wilkinson is certainly on the rise in the music industry, she still maintains her roots, working with her friends and performing locally when she gets the chance.