February 12, 2016 BY

SURF Coast residents and politicians learnt more about the coal seam gas industry’s operation in New South Wales from one of that state’s upper house MPs Jeremy Buckingham at a meeting at the The Greens MP told a group that included Greens state member for Melbourne Ellen Sandell, Surf Coast Shire councillors Eve Fisher and Heather Wellington, Greens Corangamite candidate Pat Paterson and supporters of a Gas Field Free Surf Coast that fracking (hydraulic fracturing to extract unconventional gas deposits including coal seam gas, tight gas, and shale gas) was unsafe, unwanted and unnecessary.

“We’ve seen contaminated groundwater, spills and air pollution from coal seam gas in New South Wales and the community is vigorously campaigning to eject this toxic industry from our state.”

want state ban Attendees of the recent meeting show their opposition to coal seam gas extraction. Mr Buckingham shared his experience of the impacts of the “gun and run” nature of the industry, where companies had entered communities, extracted unconventional gas deposits and left again within two to three years, leaving behind unmaintained infrastructure and environmental issues that hurt local businesses including those involved in tourism and farming.

Parliamentary sitting day on Tuesday February 9 to show their support for a permanent ban on fracking.

At present, there is a moratorium on fracking in Victoria but those opposed to the industry fear the state government’s response to an inquiry into fracking in Victoria completed in December might see the moratorium lifted.

They are calling on Premier Daniel Andrews to permanently ban fracking.