Babe Rainbow ready to boogie in Torquay

November 25, 2023 BY

Australian psychedelic surf rockers Babe Rainbow will be visiting Torquay for a fourth time this Sunday. Photo: MACLAY HERIOT

Australian psychedelic surf rock royalty, Babe Rainbow will be riding the waves into Torquay tomorrow (November 26) for a special twilight gig.

Formed in 2015 in Rainbow Bay by Angus Dowling, Jack Crowther, Elliot O’Reilly and later joined by drummer Miles Myjavec, Babe Rainbow is known for their boogie psychedelic style and throwback sixties surf culture imagery.

Initially focused on 60’s psychedelic, and 70’s surf pop sound, the band has evolved into elements of disco, dub, woodland, Latin and soft rock genres.

Sunday’s event at the Torquay Hotel will mark the fourth time the New South Welshmen have played on the Surf Coast.

Lead singer Angus Dowling said the band was over the moon to be returning to Torquay.

“It’s definitely going to be a huge night, we can’t for it and are so pumped,” he said.

“Coastal grottos like Torquay, we absolutely love it.

“Good times are always had down there; there’s sunshine and it’s all usually happening.

“Last time we were down there we were watching the Endless Summer 2 in the back room before our show, got us all pumped up and ready to go.

“We plan on getting down early, having a couple of waves and enjoying all Torquay has to offer.”

Babe Rainbow has traversed into many different sounds and rhythms including surf pop, 60’s psychedelic, Latin and disco. Photo: JORDAN MALLANE


Dowling said locals can expect to hear a smorgasbord of tunes from their new album Mushroom and some of their older hits as well.

Mushroom has been described as “groovy”, “just rolling with flow” and one which “keeps the vibe” of the Babe Rainbow alive.

“We will definitely play a couple of them [the Mushroom singles] and mix it up with some others as well,” Dowling said.

“We decided to put out two smaller EP’s this year, rather than the big album to just break up the psychic a little bit. It definitely felt really good.

“The feedback has been chill as, and we are working on bigger and better things for 2024 which we can’t wait to showcase too.”

Opening for their Torquay show will be music and surf adventurist Alex Knost and his latest band Seventies Tuberide (USA).

“We are so stoked to have the Californian guys down with us for this. They’ll definitely be worth checking out,” Dowling added.

“Alex is a funny old bugger, and they’ve got some sweet songs, so we’ll be chilling out with them and playing a couple together.

“We can’t wait for the show, it’s going to be a ripper.”

Last minute tickets to the show can be found at torquayhotel.com.au/gigs/

Australian psychedelic surf rockers Babe Rainbow will be visiting Torquay for a fourth time this Sunday. Photo: JORDAN MALLANE

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