Caz and Aida with their driveway mandala.

Brighten your street with a decorated driveway

June 25, 2020 BY

Surf Coast Shire council and #NotTheSurfCoastArtsTrail presents PORTAL are hosting a free chalk mandala workshop for families in a bid to liven up driveways around the shire this winter and provide much-needed art relief during a challenging time for many residents.

Part of the ’Driveway Creations’ initiative, the workshop (suitable for the whole family) will be held via PORTAL, the council’s online arts festival and gathering space, and delivered by Torquay artist and art therapist Caz Artsea, with people encouraged to brighten up their driveways during July and August.
“There’s a link between making art and improving health,” Caz, who runs intuitive and expressive art workshops throughout the year, said.
“It’s about teaching people how to create freely and joyfully, quieting the inner critic. Art making is all about self-expression.”
Caz said the lovely thing about creating with family or friends was that it assists with bonding, and drawing a mandala is a particularly meditative art practice because of its repetitive nature, with its centre said to express something about how you view yourself.
“Seeing another family member express themselves in an artistic form brings you another level of understanding about that person. The act of art making is also known to bring stress levels down, be helpful for your state of mind and have a cumulative effect over time, just like meditation does.”
The Driveway Creations initiative is also another way to connect with self and others outside of technology. Caz said the overuse of technology lights up the addictive part of your brain.
“Making art brings a sense of satisfaction for yourself, rather than looking to the outside world for approval, such as on social media,” Caz said.
“We’re stressed out as a society, with cortisol dominating our brains. This is about generating more of the happy, calm hormones inside us.”
Alongside the chalk mandalas on driveways, residents are also encouraged to paint their wheelie bins to liven up the neighbourhood over winter to engage people walking past and even to cheer up the rubbish collectors, who have continued their driveway duties throughout the pandemic.
For more information about the project and to register for the free workshop, head to