February 12, 2016 BY

FOR most prep students it’s reassuring to know they’ve got a big buddy looking Anglesea Primary School witnessed a special reunion of three generations of buddies during the week.

Past student, Zoe Perkins was working she was reunited with her Prep buddy from 2010, Charli Bechmann.

Charli is now in Year 6 and now has responsibility for two of her own Prep buddies – Macie Bereza and Ruby Sakac.

“Zoe and Charli remembered each other well, and were both very excited to catch up. Zoe was really proud to see the development in Charli,” Principal Pamela Sandlant said.

Anglesea Primary School has been conducting a Prep Buddy Program for several years to support students in their Each incoming prep student is allocated a grade 6 buddy whom they meet in the transition period.

“It works extremely well. They spend time with the little ones, help them settle in, enjoy play and lunch together, and keep an eye on them in the playground.

“They help set up games and show them how to join in with the other students.

“The grade six students take a real pride in their leadership and responsibility roles, and for the preppies, their big buddy is the one person that’s always there to play with.”