February 12, 2016 BY

ANGLESEA will be bursting with hundreds of thrill-seeking youngsters and their families when Kids Adventure Outdoors (KAOS) returns in April.

The second annual event is coming back on April 2 and 3 to encourage more kids to be active in the outdoors more often. This year, KAOS is expanding to work in conjunction with local outdoor recreation camps and organisations and new activities have been added to the estuary exploration activities will run alongside camping, mountain biking, KAOS canoeing, climbing, paddleboarding, a giant swing, archery, skateboarding, hut building and more.

Business and Tourism Anglesea Association president and KAOS committee leader Raylene Fordham said Anglesea was the ideal location for a large-scale outdoor children’s camp.

“Our town already boasts excellent facilities offered through the numerous recreational camps based in town.

“There is also Eumerella Scout Camp, the surrounding national and state parks and the endless trails that weave through them and opportunities for water based activities both seaside and on the town’s estuary inlet. In terms of a safe but beautiful environment where families can get an easy taste of adventure activities, it is the perfect location.”

All KAOS activities have been designed to engage school-aged children with natural landscapes, provide opportunities to try different outdoor pursuits and teach skills to make them feel comfortable and Anglesea YMCA Recreation Camp is one of the participating organisations and manager Vicki Chrzanowski said KAOS responded well to the growing recognition that many children spent unhealthy amounts of time indoors.

“Connecting our kids with nature is an important childhood development issue,” she said. “It touches on health, education, community, recreation and natural resources. It’s all about facilitating play in nature and creating pathways to engender lifelong habits of activity and enjoyment in the outdoors.”

As part of KAOS, families are being camping life with a facilitated overnight camp-out being offered.

“For those families yet to experience the joys of camping out under the stars, or who don’t have the equipment, or want to get more experience camping before going it alone, this is the perfect opportunity,” Ms Chrzanowski said.

dinner and have hosts on hand to ensure everyone enjoys their night.”

Kids Adventure Outdoors is a joint initiative between Business and Tourism Anglesea Association, YMCA, Baptist Camping, Go Ride A Wave and the Anglesea Beachfront Family Caravan Park , with support from Premier’s Active April and Sport and Recreation Victoria.

For more information, phone 5263 1512 or email [email protected] au. Bookings can be made online at