Anna Cordell’s performance will be released tonight via The Sound Doctor’s Facebook page. Photo: THE SOUND DOCTOR PRESENTS

Final performance from “The Waiting Room” airs tonight

June 18, 2020 BY

The three-part concert series “The Waiting Room” will end tonight (Thursday, June 18) with a performance from Melbourne musician Anna Cordell on Facebook.

The series is presented by volunteer organisation The Sound Doctor Presents and has already showcased concerts from local artists Fenn Wilson and Pollyman (George Carrol Wilson).
The performances were recorded on a clifftop near Fairhaven, and The Sound Doctor Presents founder David Corbet said the backdrop was one of the reasons the series has been so
well received.
“People have been really excited by it, partly because of the location which has been captured really beautifully.”
The shows were recorded in March the weekend before strict COVID-19 lockdown restrictions were put in place.
David said Creative Victoria and the Surf Coast Shire gave permission for the organisation to use funding intended for now-cancelled shows to record the series of performances.
The Sound Doctor Presents chose to wait until audiences were familiar with online concerts before airing the series.
“Rather than doing it straight away when people weren’t used to the idea of doing online shows, we eventually decided to publish them in June,” David said.
Musicians taking part in these performances were originally support acts for shows that were cancelled earlier this year.
David said it had been a difficult time for all three musicians after releasing new albums in 2020 and not being able to tour.
“The artists were so thankful that they got to have their gig and get paid which has been a big issue for musicians during this time.”
David said music was more important than ever for people’s wellbeing during COVID-19 restrictions.
“We see these performances as helping to provide society with joy, connection and health.”
The Sound Doctor Presents is hoping in-person concerts will be allowed in October but is unsure at this time.
“In the next few weeks we’ll know if we’ll be doing another online series or will be moving back into the real live version of the Sound Doctor,” David said.
The organisation is hoping these performances keep audiences engaged and excited when normal shows are allowed again.
The last show from “The Waiting Room” series featuring Anna Cordell premieres tonight at 7pm via