March 17, 2016 BY

Local drug and alcohol counsellor Hannah Buttigieg is using her scientific know-how and nutrition credentials to change people’s deeply ingrained food behaviours. Ms Buttigieg said she started her new business, Food Intelligence, primarily because of her love of food and how it brings people together, but it goes deeper than that.
“If I had a mental health day off work due to an incident, I would find myself in the kitchen cooking up a storm.
“The drug and alcohol sector is all very WITH FOOD INTELLIGENCE scientific, therefore I knew there would be a solid science as to why I would crave and cook some foods when I was stressed, while when I happy I would want to eat different foods.
“The more I studied nutrition, the more fascinated I became with this concept.”
She said because of this, Food Intelligence is not about telling people what to eat or writing a meal plan to follow.
“I’m going to teach people how to eat. How to change their behaviours around food. How to become a healthier version of themselves using the behaviour change intervention I use with my drug users but with the general population.”
Ms Buttigieg is available for appointments in her Marshall home office as well as mobile appointments, or clients can access Food Intelligence through an online component.
To find out more or to discuss your options, visit foodintelligence. international, or email [email protected] foodintelligence. international.
Food Intelligence was launched at The Kindness Co. in Torquay on Wednesday. See page 113 for more.