It’s a case of congratulations or commiserations for many young Australians after the release of first round university offers, headspace reiterates there’s many pathways to success.


January 24, 2019 BY

With the release of first round university offers across the country, headspace has reminded young people there are many pathways towards achieving their work and study goals.

Spokesperson for headspace Adrienne Hazeldene said while this can be an exciting time for some, it can also be challenging for others if they don’t get the desired outcome.

“This time can bring up lots of questions about the future and their next steps. If work and study is beginning to affect a young person’s mental health, it’s important they know they can access professional support through their GP, their local headspace centre or headspace,” she said.

“If a young person is struggling during this time then they should ask for help, through their family and personal networks as well as through appropriate services.

“There are a myriad of avenues young people can explore if they don’t receive a round one offer.”

Ms Hazeldene said they encouraged young people to start researching their other preferences and options to reach their goals.

“During the excitement and stress of finishing school, it’s easy to set your mind on one course, so spending some time researching your other preferences might help to put you at ease.

“You might find that these courses are able to provide you with more opportunities than you thought.”

For young people who did not get into their course straight away, there are alternative means to obtain qualifications.

“It’s important to remember that there are pathway options for all courses.

Although you may not have received your first preference, there are ways into your desired course,” she said.

“Through completing other qualifications first or transferring between qualifications. Speaking to a careers advisor can help with figuring out your next move.”

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