Troop Employment founder Belinda Eden wants to change the workforce perception of hospitality. Photo: CAROL SAFFER

HOSPITALITY SKILLS GAP filled by disruptor

May 8, 2019 BY

Belinda Eden launched Troop Employment to brand hospitality as an industry people want to stay in as a career rather than a stepping stone to something else.

Troop will help close the gap on skilled staff within the hospitality industry by reshaping the hospitality employment experience.

“The type of people my business is suitable for is professional hospitality staff, people who love the industry but don’t want to be tied down working for one business,” Ms Eden said.

The business is a labour hire firm providing a casual pool of industry standard experienced staff to help hospitality organisations in busy times, when staff have holidays or when running large functions.

“Troop Employment’s appeal is I take care of the process of wages, tax, superannuation and group certificates,” she said.

The niche in the hospitality employment market has always been there. In Melbourne there’s a number of organisations offering the same type of service to the industry.

Ms Eden’s initially focus is on regional Victoria where she is already doing business with hospitality owners in Ararat, Stawell and Ballarat.

“Troop can provide the opportunity for small town hospitality workers to stay locally and work across multiple businesses,” Ms Eden said.

Ms Eden spent over 12 months researching and developing the business and its concept. Now four months in and she already has interstate expansion plans in mind.

“[This venture] it is a big leap of faith, I don’t think I’ll fail because I love breaking the mould,” she said.

“I enjoy having my own direction and being able to pivot, change it up or adapt it when I need to.”

When she resigned from a corporate position with Ballarat and District Trotting Club, she said there were a lot of people who were surprised at her decision.

“I am not afraid of having to adapt myself and my business around what is needed,” Ms Eden said.

“If it doesn’t work at least I gave it a go. I haven’t left corporate life, I am redesigning it.”