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February 28, 2018 BY

Local Torquay adventure-addicted mums with a soft spot for charity and pole dancing will be participating in the 7th Mystery Box Rally this October.

The 7th Mystery Box Rally is fast approaching, with teams gearing up to find cars over 25 years old and in working condition.

Teams will drive their cars along a mystery route in this unique five day challenge, all in the name of cancer research.

The route is a loop starting and finishing in Mildura, leaving October 20 and returning October 24, but all the other details are kept under wraps, only given to the teams each morning.

Each team needs to raise a minimum amount of $3,500 for Cancer Council but every extra dollar counts.

Local Torquay adventure-addicted mums with a soft spot for charity and pole dancing, will be taking on the challenge in October in memory of a treasured friend who would approve of their adventure and a friend’s daughter, 18, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment.

Emma Cound and Jo Readings are really excited to have the opportunity to participate but need a helping hand from the community.

“To get to the start-line we need to have already raised $3500,” Emma said.

“We also need to obtain a car and learn some mechanical survival skills so we can fix the car on the go and make the event to the end. We are looking for volunteers to donate a bit of time to teaching us the basics if there’s anyone out there!”

Dubbing themselves Pole Position, the local mums can’t wait to start.

“The Mystery Box Rally is a huge fundraising effort for Cancer Council, where a mixing pot of personalities come together to tackle Australia’s Outback terrain in old cars to raise money,” Emma said.

“Some don’t finish! We want to be one of the ones that do.

“Our motto is give where you live and we are determined to succeed. What a great opportunity this is for not only us but for the Cancer Council and our community.”

The team’s biggest supporters have been each other and Emma’s mum Julie in the United Kingdom.

“We are glad the pound is strong at the moment when our overseas helpers donate! So we need to get ourselves out there and be a bit bold,” Emma said.

“Ideally we need a car sooner rather than later, otherwise we’ll be asking Coles for a shopping trolley and dropping an engine in it!”

Emma and Jo are willing to do anything it takes to get to the start line and will be putting their own money in for car parts, repairs and petrol for an approximate 2,500km round trip.

“The car we’re looking for would be over 25 years old, 2WD, located in the state, manual and in working order,” Emma said.

“We’re out of our minds excited and we’re hoping we can make a difference to someone’s life.”

To donate or get in contact with Emma and Jo, visit 2018.mystery-box.com.au/pole-position or email [email protected].

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