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RIGHT: Ms Pasos studied aged care at The Gordon after moving from Columbia. Photo: SUPPLIED

FUELLED by her own experience, Diana Pasos embarked on an aged care career path, bringing a sense of warmth to the Highton Gardens Care Community.

Inspired after caring for her great grandmother in Columbia, Ms Pasos decided to study aged care when she moved to Australia 14 years ago.

While caring for her great grandmother, who had advanced Alzheimer’s, she was also balancing her high school studies.

“I had to plan my day from early morning to late afternoon and decided to finish my last three years of high school during the evening so I could provide full-time care for her,” she said.

For Ms Pasos, meeting and learning from those who came before her is a great reward and refers to the residents as “friends.”

Diana Pasos comes into work on her days off to teach Spanish to the residents. Photo: SUPPLIED


“I enjoy being in the community visiting and caring for the elderly in aged care communities.

“It’s fascinating for me to have the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people, and to learn from them a whole range of life’s knowledge and skills gained over a lifetime.”

Ms Pasos’ manger Shaun Nicholls said she had been an incredible asset to their team and goes far beyond just doing her job.

“Sometimes she comes in on a day off just to teach residents Spanish, paint their nails or just chat with them over a cup of tea or coffee.

“She has a genuine passion for aged care and makes people feel special.

“Diana perfectly represents the outstanding level of quality and training we consistently see shining through from The Gordon’s students.”

Ms Pasos enjoys being in the community and caring for the aged care residents. Photo: SUPPLIED

Teacher Christine Davy praised Ms Pasos’ perseverance throughout her studies, despite personal adversity, demonstrating qualities essential in aged care.

“Her blend of resilience, determination and compassion exemplifies The Gordon’s mission to produce exceptional graduates,” Ms Davy said.

Recently Ms Pasos received the Health and Science category award at The Gordon Awards for Excellence night, recognising her commitment to studying aged care.

Her story highlights the world of aged care and serves as a reminder of the impact one individual can make within the community.

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