Inspiring the next generation of musicians

May 6, 2022 BY

Waves Music Co.'s Chris Hay is encouraging anyone interested in learning an instrument to sign up for a lesson. Photos: JAMES TAYLOR

A FASCINATION with creating and performing lies at the heart of Waves Music, and the music school aims to inspire an industrious and innovative music culture in everything it does.

Based in Surf City, Waves Music Co. offers individual lessons in electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, acoustic drums, piano, vocals, and songwriting.

The Waves Music Co. team loves the coast of Victoria, as it is home to some great musicians and people in music, world-class surf breaks and the easygoing coastal lifestyle, and it comes across in their teaching style.

The aim is to inspire students to pursue music in whichever area they wish to explore as students of music.

Although they love writing, recording and performing music, the team still enjoy teaching simple riffs, songs and rhythms, as mentoring music students reminds them of when they first started.

Most teachers are songwriters, so they love encouraging those interested in songwriting to write music.

“In the lessons, we have a bit more of a fun approach to learning,” Chris Hay from Waves Music Co. said.

“Every teacher is different and unique, so every student who comes here will get a different learning experience.

“We don’t really hire teachers based on set qualifications; sometimes it’s a little bit of ‘is this teacher or musician doing things on the scene?’

“There’s a lot of different aspects to the teachers that we have here, and we kind of love it when someone wants to enrol, because then we can ask: ‘what are your goals? Do you just want to learn the instrument and have a bit of fun? Or do you have some serious goals – do you want to be a songwriter, do you want to go and tour the world, do you want to be a musician and study music?’.

“There’s lots of different things.”

Mr Hay said the lessons were not aimed at any specific demographic.

“The main thing is we like to have a fun approach rather than being extremely critical on the theoretical side, but we do balance it with a bit of theory.

“There’s always a good vibe and ambience and atmosphere here, which is really important.”

Lessons are offered from Mondays to Thursdays from 3.30-8pm.

Waves Music Co. is at Shop 21, Surf City, 61 Geelong Road, Torquay. Head to wavesmusic.com.au or phone 0428 846 650.