Zelman Lew frequently uses flowers in his works to create a sense of femininity and beauty.


January 24, 2019 BY

New exhibitions featuring captivating nature design and printmaking is coming to Qdos Arts this February, with Melbourne-born artists Matthew Stevenson and Zelman Lew showcasing their latest collections.

Running from Sunday February 3 until Saturday March 2, Stevenson’s Sacred Geometry and Lew’s Scent of a Woman will grace the walls at Qdos in a must-see creative space.

Born in Melbourne in 1964, Matthew Stevenson grew up in Beaumaris, Victoria and has since lived in Anglesea for the last 20 years.

A keen surfer in his youth, Stevenson spent a lot of time by the water.

His growing fascination for the coastline inspired the artist to consider how patterns and sequences appear in his surroundings, from the movement and variation of the waves to the intricate markings left in the sand after each tide.

Using mathematical formulas, the landscape photographer took his artistic instincts to new heights when he began finedetail printmaking.

Having been creating art for the last 15 years, it was only recently that Stevenson shared his work publicly.

Sacred Geometry will showcase the artist’s extensive portfolio of works, patterns he believe are an explanation of how life works and a connection to inner consciousness.

Similarly to Stevenson, Zelman Lew uses colour and imagery to stir emotion in his viewer through exploring different subject matters.

His paintings are intended to be disturbing and thought provoking, a recurring theme in his latest body of work, Scent of a Woman.

Scent of a Woman celebrates the artist’s feminine side, visually communicating his creativity and love of flowers.

Using negative space and composition, Zelman’s paintings are filled with colour and mood, a credit to his skill in photography, graphic design, publishing and painting.

The exhibition will be on from Sunday February 3 until Saturday March 2.

Qdos Arts Lorne is located at 35 Allenvale Road, Lorne.

For more information, visit qdosarts.com.