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G.J Gardner have spent the last year incorporating the new requirements into their designs. Photo: SUPPLIED

Feel at ease knowing your new G.J. Gardner Home is built to the new NCC standards.

The updated National Construction Code (NCC) 2022 requirements came into effect on May 1 this year and all builders are now obligated to adhere to these new requirements.

The Code covers new mandatory requirements for liveable housing, energy efficiency, and condensation management, and will make homes more sustainable, accessible, and cost effective to run.

G.J. Gardner Homes Geelong has spent the past year incorporating all of the new NCC requirements across their range of designs. Their focus is on providing high-quality homes with the Code improvements increasing the liveability and efficiency of homes even further.

As part of the new requirements shower, bathroom and toilet walls need to have reinforcing to allow for grab rails to be installed in the future if required. Photo: SUPPLIED

Visit their Leopold display home in Opal Drive, to see most new requirements first-hand, and the new Lara display home (now under construction), which fully complies with the NCC standards.

Their New Homes Consultants are there to guide clients through these changes and their G.J. Gardner Homes journey.

Liveable housing

The Liveable Housing Design Standard includes:

  • Entrance to the dwelling to be step-free with a minimum clear opening width of 820mm
  • Minimum landing sizes at the dwelling entrance
  • Internal doors at entrance level to have a minimum clear width of 820mm
  • Corridor widths to be minimum 1000mm
  • One shower to be step-free
  • One toilet to be located on entrance level
  • Reinforcing to shower, bath, and toilet walls so grab rails can be readily fitted in the future, and
  • Minimum circulation sizes for shower and toilet.

Condensation management

Modern homes are more airtight and more susceptible to condensation, which can cause significant heal


th risks, such as mould. It can also impact the durability of materials within your home. New homes will now consider:

  • Ventilating roof spaces at eave line and ridge
  • Increased breathability of the pliable membrane in the walls and roof
  • Exhaust fans to ventilate air outside, and improved air flow for vented rooms, and
  • Interconnecting fans with lights and timer switch.
There are now new mandatory requirements for liveable housing, energy efficiency and condensation management in new homes. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Energy efficiency

An energy-efficient home will be more cost effective to heat and cool, and will also help to reduce carbon emissions to counteract climate change.

Key items:

  • Minimum seven Stars NatHERS Rating or a complying Performance Solution
  • “Whole of Home” assessment that considers the energy usage of domestic services which can be offset by a solar system: Hot water system, heating and cooling system, pool, and spa pump, Slab insulation requirements

Information in this article is courtesy of Master Builders Victoria


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