Ciao, Jo! Italian exhibition opens

December 20, 2019 BY

‘Ape’, Ortigia, 2019. Photo: JO BANGLES

The renowned sights of Italy have been framed and hung at Il Matto Torquay – a fitting location for their display.

Shot and curated by Torquay graphic designer Jo Bangles, her debut exhibition – which opened last week – was inspired by her recent trip to the pasta capital alongside Italian partner Gianluca.

Covering Sicily and Gianluca’s home region of Cesenatico (Emilia Romagna), Postcards From Italy is a visual homage to the country’s hidden gems, from unsung landmarks to colourful doorways and quaint windowsills.

Photos from Rome, the Amalfi Coast and Naples are also part of the exhibition.

“I’ve never done this (an exhibition) before so it was a little bit of a learning experience,” Jo said.

“I really like life’s little moments. The exhibition features a few people shots, candid shots or scenery I’ve been inspired by. Most photos have fantastic colours and architecture, but I found it really difficult to curate my own work.”

Jo said photography had been a hobby of hers for many years but it’s only now that she’s “reinventing herself as a professional”.

A self-proclaimed recycling guru, Jo purchased every frame bar one from local op shops.

“It makes for a nice, eclectic look,” she said.

“It’s (curating an exhibition) chaotic, but fantastic and I’ve got a massive soft spot for it now.

“I’ve done a lot of travel, but once you’re shacked up with an Italian, you end up in Italy a lot. Once Il Matto opened, Gianluca said ‘that’s my little Italy’.”

And despite savouring most meals by snapping them, Jo said no food shots made the cut.

About 30 people turned out to the exhibition’s opening, with Jo selling four works since.

All images are printed locally using an Epson 9900 printer and finished on Chromajet Centurion Photo Silk 285 paper.

Postcards From Italy will be on display at Il Matto (3/15 Bell St, Torquay) until January 28.

Photos start from $50 and go up to $385, depending on size.

For more information on Jo, follow @banglesdangles on Instagram.