Certainty in uncertain times with Kip McGrath

March 26, 2020 BY

In uncertain times, it’s important to make sure children are able to keep up with their education, whether in support of the work in their classroom, or outside it.

Kip McGrath Torquay is ideally set up to help your children. Colleen and her fantastic teachers have been helping students through face-to-face online tutoring as well as in the Zeally Bay Road centre for five years.

Colleen said the Kip McGrath online tutoring program is an interactive and highly engaging way of learning. With Kip McGrath online tutoring there’s no need to travel to the centre. Students simply log on from home and connect with their qualified tutor in real time.

All the current students at the Torquay centre have completed the Kip Online Accreditation Course and received their certificates. If school closures do happen, they are ready to meet their teacher online and continue their program. Fiona, mother of Oscar, sent Colleen a text as soon as the lesson finished: “Oscar loved that session. Can we do that again next Monday?”

“The online tutoring program is not an app, it’s a live session with the student’s teacher, following their own personalised program,” Colleen said.

“Students use the same programs we use in the centre, they can see their teacher, ask questions and use an interactive whiteboard.”

With sessions available from 10am till 6pm, six days a week, the online program caters for primary and secondary students through to VCE Maths and English.

Colleen wants to assure parents who may be concerned about continuing their child’s education that over the next few months they have the capacity to help 400-500 students per week.

It’s not just the students who love the online program, but it is convenient and easy for parents too.

Steph, mother of four Kip online students:
Colleen is fantastic! I have my four children doing online tutoring with her. One needs extra help to catch up, one is getting ready for secondary school in 2021, Miss Prep loves the reading program and the other is using it for extension work. We love the online as our life is so busy, not having to go into the centre works so well for us, thanks Colleen!

Bel, mother of Ash:
Ash loves being able to chat to Colleen for tips as he works and teases her with the snack he’s eating! Live tutoring from home is great for us.

New online students can start immediately and assessments will be conducted over the holidays. Phone Colleen on 0414 298 844, email
[email protected] or book online kipmcgrath.com.au/torquay