The men behind the brassy music of Lime Cordiale: Brothers Louis and Oliver Leimbach.

Lime Cordiale to pack a punch at Falls

November 14, 2019 BY

The funk-fused tones of Sydney pop-rockers Lime Cordiale will descend the hills at Lorne’s Falls Festival next month.

It is one of increasingly few places that brothers Louis and Oliver Leimbach are yet to visit in Australia, but recently the siblings have been playing to crowds they are far less familiar with.

September saw the pair sign with American rapper Post Malone’s new label before they hit the road in the United States.
Louis said it was a strange but enjoyable experience.

“We went to America to a do a bunch of showcasey shows for his (Post Malone’s) sort of crew. It’s a pretty different hip-hop crew over there as opposed to the soft, indie crowd.

“The crew over there is dressed up and there’s this big, gangster posse that rolls but then they’re super lovely and they know all the words to the songs. It’s pretty interesting, but we loved it over there.”

He also said that even outside of performing he, his brother and their band had a fantastic time enjoying the renowned sights and sounds of the big apple.
“I’d never been to New York before, so I was sort of a massive tourist over there, I was just loving it so hard and came back with this little pot belly.”

This bodes well for the brothers, with Louis indicating that next year they will be touring the United States once more.

Shows in Europe have also been earmarked on their tour calendar along with plans to release their awaited second album in early 2020.

Lime Cordiale’s signature sound has been at the heart of discussion in the Aussie music space, particularly their newest singles “Robbery”, “Inappropriate Behaviour” and “Money”. Although bands are often pigeonholed into a genre, Louis said he is not bothered by labels.

“A lot of people say we play sort of surf rock music… I don’t know if I agree with that, but I’m happy with it.”

He said he was thrilled to be playing a set at Lorne’s biggest New Year’s party for the first time.

“I’m pretty excited to play in Lorne. I’ve only heard great things about the Lorne Falls Festival.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Vampire Weekend pretty hard.”

He also said he was glad to learn of the festival’s intentions to be plastic free, as being environmentally friendly was something Lime Cordiale tried to do despite the obstacles inherent to their status as travelling artists.

“It’s hard being a band and making a step as well. There’s so much flying involved and that’s such a s**t footprint to leave.”

Lime Cordiale will be performing at Falls Festival Lorne (December 28-31). Tickets available via