More options for pet owners

February 5, 2016 BY

CITY of Greater Geelong’s new campaign “any bin, any bag” is committed to keeping the region clean and ensuring a harmonious existence between dog owners.

Stemming from Council’s Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP), the campaign coincides with an initiative to promote responsible pet ownership in the community and changes to off-leash conditions.

Community Development portfolio holder Cr Kylie Fisher said the management plan guides decision making in relation to the needs of domestic pets and their owners, while addressing the concerns of the general public.

“The aim of this plan is to facilitate the coexistence of pets, pet owners and the general public while addressing the welfare and legislative issues relating to animal management in the city boundaries.

“This plan also aims to promote responsible pet ownership and enhance the experience of animal ownership within the community, and by doing so make the City of Greater Geelong an even better place to live.” Cr Fisher said the new campaign allowed pet owners to pick up and dispose of dog litter in any public waste bin, using any bag they had on hand.

She said the City of Greater Geelong response was in relation to community concerns regarding a perceived lack of compliance with existing dog control orders, particularly with off-leash areas and the problem of dog litter.

Newtown Veterinary Clinic owner Doctor Jane Miller reinforced the importance of picking up after pets, calling for dog owners to be responsible with their litter.

“The importance of picking up after your dog cannot be overstated.

“We live in a community with a high population of dogs and there’s a lot of waste produced.

“Animal waste is a vector for disease that can affect both pets and their owners.”

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