Natural deodorant that actually works

June 17, 2021 BY

West Coast Business Park Feature

Buying deodorant is something most of us do automatically rather than with thought and consideration for our health and wellbeing.

Pure Deo Co. is a local deodorant manufacturer that seeks to educate you and provide you with beautifully crafted deodorant and personal care items without any of the nasty ingredients found in most commercially available products.

Founded by Torquay couple Faith and Nathan Favre in 2015, Pure Deo Co. has been selling its products online and in stores globally and is about to release an expanded range of products that will be packaged without plastic and, as always, avoiding chemicals such as aluminium, parabens and harmful fragrances.

Their products eliminate odour causing bacteria using magnesium, organic plant oils and pure essential oils and give you all-day protection from body odour.

“Most people don’t realise that aluminium based deodorants physically block your pores so you cannot excrete sweat,” Faith explained.

“The reality is that your body is still sweating below the skin surface hyperactively in an effort to cool down, this is why after your deodorant wears off you feel like you sweat a lot and smell bad, but you are actually just finally sweating out what has been trapped in your pores.

“Pure Deo Co. allows you to sweat naturally but maintains a healthy skin environment where odour causing bacteria struggles to form and thrive.”

In order to optimise their products, Pure Deo Co. has tested the effectiveness of its products on tradies, athletes, teenagers and also the heaviest of sweaters.

They use certified organic ingredients and do not engage in animal testing, only willing humans.

Pure Deo Co. makes all of its products in the Torquay factory, including making natural deodorants for other international natural product brands.

They also manufacture natural lip balms, baby balm and bath salts with their new range extending to soaps, candles and essential oils.

You can view these locally made products at or follow @puredeoco on Instagram and Facebook.

For most online orders shipping is free and local pickup is available from 22/10 Cylinders Drive, Torquay.

For enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Faith and Nathan via email at [email protected]

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