NO HARM IN SEEING The Kid Who Would Be King

January 31, 2019 BY

The legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is reborn in the modern world in The Kid Who Would Be King.

Alex Elliot (Louis Ashbourne Serkis) is an average 12-year-old schoolboy whose world gets turned upside down when he
pulls the legendary sword Excalibur from a construction site.

Joining forces with three of his classmates and the powerful wizard Merlin (played by both Angus Imrie and Patrick Stewart), Alex goes on a journey to battle the evil sorceress Morgana (Rebecca Ferguson) before she destroys Great Britain.

This film did have problems in places. Parts of the story dragged at times and this Morgana certainly wasn’t exactly the most interesting rendition of the character.

There was also an overdose of doom and gloom in the opening scenes and not to mention a bit of a plot hole relating to Alex and his missing father.

That being said, there were also a number of good parts. Everyone performed their roles very well and kids will likely be able to see themselves in Alex and his friends. Not to mention the final battle was pretty awesome.

Merlin was one of the film’s most entertaining characters with his quirky personality and kind nature. However, as a wise wizard, you’d think he’d show a bit more tact in his methods for saving the world.

The film also had an excellent message that we could do to remember in this day and age: all of us can make a difference if we remain good at heart (and we don’t need swords and sorcery to do this).

In the end, if you’re looking for a film to take kids to see during the summer holidays, there’s no harm in checking out this flick.