Writer and media personality Benjamin Law is part of the Double Delicious cast. Photo: ASHLEY DE PRAZER

100 minutes of sumptuous storytelling

January 23, 2020 BY

Five storytellers will share the secrets behind the dishes that have proved significant in their lives across several performances at Geelong Arts Centre next month.

Contemporary Asian Australian Performance (CAAP) presents Double Delicious, a performance that mixes food and the arts through the personal triumphs and challenges of Asian-Australians.

The cast includes Chinese-Australian cooking legend Elizabeth Chong, writer and media personality Benjamin Law, Korean cooking instructor Heather Jeong and performing artists Valerie Berry.

As a child of restaurateurs, Law has spent much of his life balancing food and family.

From his debut novel and television series The Family Law to his documentary series Waltzing the Dragon, Double Delicious seemed a natural progression.

“One of the things I’ve loved is that despite very few of the storytellers having known each other beforehand, we already feel like family,” he said.

“Though I also suspect storytelling and food – both ancient, primal and human needs – bonds us all very quickly.”

Through his performance, Law takes the audience through a topical exploration of identity in Hong Kong.

Double Delicious marks a theatre debut for Elizabeth Chong, who was recently honoured as a Member of the Order of Australia for her services to hospitality and promotion of Chinese cooking in Australia.

The project is the brainchild of CAAP’s executive producer Annette Shun Wah and directed by Darren Yap.

It will be performed on The Playhouse stage at Geelong Arts Centre on February 19 (7pm), 20 (5.30pm and 8.30pm), 21 (5.30pm and 8.30pm) and 22 (5.30pm and 8.30pm).

Tickets start from $55 and go up to $85. To purchase yours, head to geelongartscentre.org.au.