Ash Bell and Sara Tindley will bring their unique sound to this year’s Queenscliff Music Festival as part of the Festival of Small Halls.

Perfect pairing: musicians Ash Bell and Sara Tindley head for QMF

August 15, 2019 BY

THE pressure that comes with being labelled as two of Australia’s best songwriters has little effect on the eloquent lyrics co-written by Ash Bell and Sara Tindley.

Having worked alongside each other as independent artists since 2012, the duo recently teamed up to craft their debut EP, Going Out Clothes – a culmination of six songs that each boast a harmonious blend of folks and roots.

Ash, who first shot to the charts as part of Aussie outfit Starboard Cannons, jokingly said Sara was “stitched up” after featuring in a song from the band’s debut album, Somebody’s Opus.

Since then, the artists have aligned and collaborated – a process which has been both rewarding and challenging.

“The co-writing (of Going Out Clothes) was a good challenge for both of us. The song writing perspective was really thrilling for me,” said Sara.

“It was a good collaboration in that there wasn’t someone that was forceful, and there was no overbearing force – it was very equal,” added Ash.

“The coolest thing about this EP and what I think it’s influenced by, is that our show is just two instruments and two voices – and that’s exactly what the EP is too.

“There’s nothing beyond what the show is; it’s completely indicative of what we do and how we do it. There’s no great big production; it completely reflects our style. The EP is the show.”

Ash and Sara will journey to Queenscliff this November as part of Queenscliff Music Festival’s recent partnership with Woodforia’s Festival of Small Halls.

The pair said they were honoured to be part of the initiative given its aim is to bring music to Australia’s regional towns.

“We are so honoured to be part of the Festival of Small Halls and what an amazing initiative it is, really,” said Sara.

“It’s so cool that it helps create this great community. Small Halls has brought festivals together that may or may or not have been buddied beforehand. It’s turned a festival into a beautiful community,” said Ash.

Sara said she’s excited to be part of an exciting line-up of artists at QMF. She also said she’s keen to meet with fans and other musicians.

“Audiences that come to festivals are pretty passionate about music. They’re also open to new discovery, and when they get someone they like, they just come and tell you,” she said.

“It’s really beautiful because if you actually hang within the festival for a few days, random strangers will come up to you and tell you so.”

This year’s Queenscliff Music Festival will run from November 22-24. For more information, visit