Preserve Moolap’s wetlands to save the sandpiper

April 14, 2016 BY

A CONSERVATION group has called on the state government to stop the Moolap habitat of an endangered bird species from being built over.
Birdlife Australia said although last week’s Shorebird Summit would address the massive population decline of migratory shorebirds that visited Australia, the Moolap coastal wetlands should be Vine said data from the past three decades showed once-abundant local species such as the Curlew Birdlife Australia head of conservation Samantha now listed as critically endangered.
“Industrial and coastal development is the major threat to these birds, yet we continue to allow degradation and destruction of their habitat right here in Victoria.”
The state government is drawing up the Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan to decide on the future of the former saltworks, Alcoa’s site at Point Henry and the surrounding land, but environmental groups say some of the proposals already touted for the area would destroy the wetlands. important habitat for the Curlew Sandpiper, yet developers have their eye on the land and have plans ready turn it into an exclusive residential estate and marina,” Ms Vine said. “Moolap wetlands must be protected and managed to provide food for Curlew Sandpipers – who arrive canal-style housing estate. “BirdLife Australia is calling on the Victorian government to declare the Moolap Wetlands an international bird sanctuary, rather than allow them to be destroyed.”
She said Australian shorebirds were “on a trajectory to extinction.” “BirdLife Australia convened the summit to ensure our response to the shorebird crisis is co-ordinated.
“Australia must take a leadership role and work closely with the Australian community and international partners to halt this extinction crisis.”