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Michele and Alana Scarce are based in Torquay and have come from a healthy food background. Photos: SUPPLIED

Torquay pet lovers Raw Pawz aim to share the joys of clean eating and wellness with the community through their 100 per cent Australian made nutritional boosters for everyone’s favourite four-legged friends.

Launched in June 2021 by sisters Michele and Alana Scarce, Raw Pawz embraces a raw feeding lifestyle for dogs and specialises in forms of food gummies and powders that are responsibly sourced and hand-made.

The gummies and powders are made using natural ingredients including beetroot spirulina, digestive enzymes, green banana starch, peanut butter flower, acacia fiber, MCT oil powder, collagen and much more.

The products aim to improve overall dog health, mental function, aid better digestion, improve the quality of skin and coats and act as an anti-inflammatory to build strong bones.

The products have been on the market since 2021 and are stocked nationally in Pet Stock and are available online.


According to co-founder Michele Scarce, the business was born out of recognising there was a huge hole in the market for sustainable and healthy products that assisted dogs with many common issues that were being picked up at vets.

“We’ve come from a real clean eating family which has us and our pets leading our best and healthiest lives!

“Our pets are avid raw eaters and we’ve really seen those benefits come to fruition since we began feeding them raw treats over the last few years.

“Humans and dogs share many similar issues including diabetes, weight increase, bad gut health, fatigue and stress and anxiety… because of our background and from seeing how healthy our dogs were from eating raw, we thought there just wasn’t enough products out there like it.

“We’ve made these formulations from all the good stuff, and it just takes the guess work out for consumers.”

Raw Pawz boost 12 different items in their range.


Mrs Scarce said all products in the Raw Pawz range are all human grade and made from ingredients that have been researched to suit different facets of dog’s healthcare needs.

“All the vitamins and minerals we put in Raw Pawz are good for your dog’s gut health, digestion and immune system.

“We make up all the combinations of products at home and relate the ingredients and their benefits to distinguish what the best mixes are for that certain category.

“For example, our antioxidant fruit gummy packs have blueberries and maitake mushrooms in it, which we’ve found through research to be really high in antioxidants.

“In others we might have shitake mushrooms and bone broth which contribute to strong gut health.

“All of the products are made in a human-grade factory in Australia and are so good for you that even humans can eat them.”

Raw Pawz peanut butter and banana gummies have been a big success thus far.


Mrs Scarce said that ultimately if the dogs can live happy lives, then their owners will be happier too.

“If the dogs can live healthier lives, then the owners can have them for longer and have a pet that is energetic and wants be active!

“Owners also don’t have to take their dogs to the vet as much which is obviously an added bonus.

“The feedback and customer love has been super high since we’ve come into the market and we are so thrilled with how it is all going.”

The products are tailored for each dog’s needs.


Raw Pawz is stocked nationally in Pet Stock stores and is also available on online pet platforms such as Pet Culture, Habitat Pets and at a range of healthfood stores.

For more on Raw Pawz, head to rawpawz.com.au

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