Rich textures are in – Here’s how to make them work for you

April 19, 2024 BY

Layer textures, like a rug over natural timber floors, for added visual interest and depth. Rich textures are back.

Remember those stark, white interiors that dominated home trends for a while? Today, they’re taking a backseat.

The design world is craving something more, something that speaks to our senses and makes us feel good just by being there. Enter the glorious comeback of rich textures.

This trend isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s about creating a home that feels like a hug: a place where you can relax, unwind, and truly experience your surroundings.

Ready to say goodbye to bland and hello to textural bliss? Let’s explore the possibilities and unlock the secrets of transforming your space into a cozy, inviting haven that reflects your unique personality.

Start small. Work with layers.

Don’t feel pressured to do everything at once. Begin with baby steps. Swap some throw pillows for textured ones, drape a chunky knit blanket over your couch, or add a woven basket for

storage – small changes, big impact. Don’t forget to layer textures, like a faux fur rug over natural timber floors, for added visual interest and depth.

Don’t stop at the floors…

Timber and cork floors are amazing, but textures can climb walls too! Think wood cladding, woven wall hangings, or even funky fabric wallpaper. Ceilings can join the party too – imagine your floors extending to the walls and the ceiling giving off modern log cabin vibes.



Let nature be your spirit guide.

Borrow from the outside world. Bring in wood furniture, natural stone accents, or textured fabrics like linen and wool. Plants themselves are living, breathing textures that add life to any room.

Expect the unexpected.

Don’t be too shy to mix and match. Contrast is in. Play with cool marble next to w

arm wood, or contrast soft velvet with exposed brick. Unexpected combinations create dynamic spaces that keep your eyes interested.

Light up your textures.

Lighting plays a key role in highlighting the beauty of textures. Use directional spotlights to showcase the grain of timber walls, or position table lamps to create soft shadows on textured fabrics.

Natural light filtering through sheer curtains can add a subtle play of light and texture.

Let’s get rich.

If you’re ready to push the boundaries of what’s possible with texture, Kustom Timber Geelong are ready to help you start from the floor up.

Their experienced team will guide you through the latest range of premium timber and cork flooring to discover what works in your space.

Kustom Timber Geelong

10/350 Pakington Street, Newtown

03 4206 0134



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