Rum Jungle hit the road again

July 11, 2024 BY

Rum Jungle will perform at the Torquay Hotel on July 19. Photo: ALEXANDER MCINTYRE

Australian band Rum Jungle are headed back to Australia and hitting the road again for their Chauffeur Australian Tour.

The Newcastle band will play 22 shows around the country including at Torquay Hotel on August 9.

Having sold out shows across the UK and Europe, the band are familiar with big crowds.

Their most recent single “Did the Morning Let you Down” was released this year and showcases the bands cohesion.

Rum Jungle vocalist and guitarist Benny McInyre said fans could expect a” mad night” with “legends” always turning out to see them.

“I think us four lads finally know how to play our instruments a little bit, never know on the night though.”

The band have found success in the charts with their most recent EP Hold me in the Water debuting at number three on the ARIA Vinyl Album Charts and number 12 on the ARIA Australian Charts.

When it comes to performing in Torquay, McInyre is “mad keen” to go back to local restaurant Pholklore.

“Keen to have a loose night in Torquay, so many mad people to meet. Hopefully it’s a nice day for a few waves too; be a shame to miss that.”

Rum Jungle will begin their tour on July 19 with a performance at Adelaide’s Spin Off festival, followed by a Splendid Weekender in Byron Bay on July 20.

For tickets and more information, head to torquayhotel.com.au

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