March 31, 2016 BY

INTO STYLE Sleek, chic, and sophisticated, the Clifton Springs Golf Club has had a stunning makeover. But even with a fresh look, chef and menu, the club remains the welcoming local for its loyal customers. Modern and elegant with warm textiles and luxurious touches, the club is almost unrecognisable from its past incarnation.
The large-scale renovations were carried out in the venue’s bistro, bar, foyer and bathrooms, with all areas now significantly more spacious, attractive and user-friendly.
General manager Danny Zernich said the main and most important difference, however, is in each customer’s experience.
“We wanted to create a space that was inviting, relaxing and comfortable for our local customers, and visitors, as well as a stunning venue that’s suitable for weddings and functions.
“It’s really freshened up, making it a much more inviting place to visit and we thought carefully about how people would enjoy spending their time here. “The bar is now much, much larger, allowing drinks to be served more quickly so people no longer have to line up and wait.
“We also opened up the venue t view across Corio Bay and very cle You Yangs; now you see the water a walk in the door.”
Mr Zernich said the refurbishment w completed by locals, for locals.
“Our demographic study found 85 per cent of our clientele is local – and very local, living quite close to the club.
“Our policy throughout the reno was to use local builders and trad as a way to put back into the communit supports us.
“We also source as much local pr in our kitchen as possible. The Bell bounty of incredible produce so w that as much as we can.”
The club’s menu has also been r now presenting home style meals with an elegant twist.
Chef Leanne Jones has designe to be comforting, fresh and stylish with options for grazing, a multi-course dining e casual meal.
Club favourites remain, alongside ne including delicious starters, inspir tempting desserts.
“Leanne has a club mentality with a fiv star background so she is the perf the us, we’re thrilled to have her on boar Mr Zernich said.
“I see dining two ways – you can g ‘feed’ or you can go out for a ‘meal both with restaurant-quality meal deals available all day, every day.
“It’s now somewhere you can ta out for the night, for a family celebr for an easy option when you just don cooking at home.”
Guests can order from the full bistr time they visit, and the club also off specials including $10 and $12 me friendly staff for details.
Clifton Springs Golf Club is at 9 Water Drive, Clifton Springs, open se from 11.30am-8pm.
For more information, or to mak visit springsbistro.com.au or phone 5251 3391.