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Once a pilot but now at Clac Clac Design, Anna Winterton is on a mission to create handmade jewellery and functional art, telling her stories of the past all while empowering women to feel confident. Photo: ABBY PARDEW

Anna Winterton has a strong passion for empowering women and is using her business, Clac Clac Design, to bring a sense of joy into their homes and wardrobes.

Clac Clac Design, a childhood nickname from where her family would go on holiday, was born when Winterton made the decision to step away from her career as a pilot and focus on being a mother.

Winterton is using her creative talents to introduce add fun and unique pieces into the lives of her customers.

“I just want to be able to give more women confidence to walk into a room and just feel good, empower women to share what they’ve got and step out with confidence,” she said.

“You can have a woman come in and then put on earrings and walk out with a totally different demeanour and joy, I love that.

“I really get so much enjoyment of what I can give others, it’s actually the most satisfying thing, seeing how it can give women a sense of joy and confidence.”

Anna Winterton opened her studio space in the Big Boom Gallery in 2020. Photo: ABBY PARDEW


Winterton has always been creative and is fully self-taught. After leaving her role as a pilot, she discovered polymer clay and immediately fell in love with it.

The business started with earrings before branching out, with her vibrant work ranging from wearable pieces through to home décor and functional art including clocks and vases.

She said using polymer clay felt really natural to her and in 2020, she opened her own studio in Geelong’s Big Boom Gallery.

“It provided me a real freedom that I’ve really enjoyed, I’ve always sought freedom from my childhood, maybe that’s what flying was too,” Winterton said.

“And then I found this, and it gave me that same sort of freedom where it was really therapeutic and then people liked what I did.

“I just sat down with clay and then I just kept going and things evolved, I don’t necessarily have the full picture and I don’t like to be boxed into one idea.”

The Flower Clocks are part of the functional art range. Photo: SUPPLIED


Since the beginning, Winterton has released a number of collections, with her most recent being her Colours of Broome range, one that’s been a favourite of hers to create.

These pieces are inspired by the vibrant colours throughout the Kimberly and reflect the time Winterton spent there working as a pilot, with each piece having a story attached to it.

The creator draws her inspiration from a number of places including architecture, nature and paintings.

One of Winterton’s key sayings is “I like my designs like I like my people, ageless, limited edition and colourful,” something that is reflected in all her pieces.

Drawn to a mid-century style and the colours of palm springs with clean lines, Winterton was led to create more sculptural pieces to add to her collections.

The new Broome range has been one of Anna Winterton’s favourites to create. Photo: ABBY PARDEW


One of her goals with these works was to be able to create art that is accessible and affordable for people.

“Art can be really expensive, and I’d like people to be able to buy a little piece that can brighten up a space or just add a little bit of quirk to a home.”

There’s a number of things Winterton enjoys about Clac Clac Design, especially seeing what was once a lump of clay, turn into something.

“For me, when I get my hands in the clay, it’s like meditation, that’s what I love, just sitting down and creating,” she said.

“I never run out of ideas, I think that’s what I love, there’s never too many ideas.”

One of the main goals is to create pieces that empower women and will them with confidence. Photo: ABBY PARDEW


All her products are hand made using polymer clay, a medium Winterton said was very versatile and fun to work with.

“It’s often just used for jewellery and that’s where I’ve wanted to really enjoy pushing the boundaries where I’ve used it,” she said.

“I find it and the colour options are endless, and it’s really accessible so you can just do it in a home oven to cure it.

“At the same time, you have to learn the techniques so it’s not brittle.”

Winterton stepped away from her career as a pilot when she became a mother. Photo: ABBY PARDEW


After stepping away from the aviation world, Winterton has been able to find something she’s equally as passionate about.

“I think it’s really important to know you don’t have to be blocked into one career,” she said.

Winterton is proud she’s been able to step into a completely different field and find success in opening her own studio.

“Being in that space and being open to the public and really being able to share and talk about art in there.

“It’s quite a big thing to put yourself out into the world, because you don’t know what the rest of the world thinks of your work.”

For more information, head to clacclacdesign.com or visit the studio in Big Boom Art Gallery at 5 Ruthland Street, Newtown.

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