Nkechi Anele fronts Saskwatch and hosts a show on triple j.


May 30, 2019 BY

JC: Favourite Saskwatch record?

NA: I really loved the release of our second album (Nosedive) to be honest with you. We had a really fun time recording it inside a converted church/farmhouse in Queensland, completely isolated. It was the opposite of the experience we had creating the first album.

JC: What’s it like juggling a music career, triple j radio show, and don’t you have your own blog?

NA: It’s a website I created with my friend called “The Pin”. It’s not really that hard to juggle because they’re all kind of transient jobs, I think most musicians have a lot of jobs that they do all the time to maintain their creativity and creative outlook.

JC: Does everyone in Saskwatch have creative input?

NA: Well no, but I think that’s in order to stop fighting. I think if everyone’s putting their opinion in it would create a lot of turbulence. Liam our trumpeter/guitarist that plays all the weird stuff writes everything and Rob who plays guitar at the front fine tunes everything and is more involved on the production side and making sure we sound tight. Obviously, everyone brings their own element to what they do in the band but it’s definitely those two being the driving force behind everything.

JC: What does surf music mean to you?

NA: I know a lot of people like Tay Oskee talk about how they’ve got ideas for songs when they’ve been surfing and in the sea. I think there’s always going to be a culture of music and surf.