Brothers Joel and Alan McIness alongside Drums the Panda perform more than 200 shows across Australia a year.

The Geelong brothers helping children to sing and dance

September 25, 2019 BY

The unapologetic ability of children to be honest and the rewarding outcomes their frankness brings inspires Geelong brothers Joel and Alan McIness from The Mik Maks to keep going.

The award-winning entertainers have taken the world by storm, clocking about a third of a billion views on their highly popular YouTube channel. But only two per cent of those views are linked to Australian homes, says eldest brother Joel.

“It gives us social proof that our music and our concerts stack up around the world,” he said.

“Only two per cent of those views come from Australia. Thirty per cent are from the US, then it breaks down to Brazil, the UK and India.

“The whole streaming concept is taking it (The Mik Maks) to a worldwide audience… there’s never been a point in history where that’s occurred. The next five years are very exciting for us.”

Having won Best Kids Live Show at the 2018 What’s on 4 Kids Awards, The Mik Maks have cemented their place in the hearts of local kids.

Joel admitted that although his and Alan’s own children get a kick out of their fame, they sometimes have to nudge the pair to not stop and talk to fans who recognise them down the street. And while their audiences continue to grow, their love for entertaining remains the same.

“It’s just an incredibly honest and rewarding experience. They’re (children) not shy to give you feedback straight away – they’ll let you know whether they like it or hate it straight away,” he laughed.

“They’ve got no limitations about expressing themselves or getting up and having a dance. It’s very different to performing to adults.”

The Mik Maks’ newest album Play – which features about 13 songs – will be dropping on Spotify and iTunes in just over a month’s time. Play marks record number three for the brothers, with a Christmas EP included in the package.

The siblings agree that their music is a culmination of childhood experiences.

“A lot of our songs are inspired by ideas of growing up on the farm; working together and playing together,” Joel said.

“But they’re also general experiences and quirky ideas from different things that have happened to us over the years and our own children as well.”

The Mik Maks are touring Victoria and will be stopping off in Geelong, Ballarat, Warrnambool and Melbourne. They will also be performing at this year’s Queenscliff Music Festival (November 22-24).

Sprinkling their songs with anecdotal messages about friendship, honesty, teamwork and family, The Mik Maks are confident their music is being heard.
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