Two Sparrow are on a mission to build a sustainable future

June 25, 2022 BY

Founder Jade Sewell-Robertson (middle) at a recent Two Sparrow swimwear release. Photo: TWO SPARROW

Born out of a will to make the world a better and less polluted place, Torquay-based activewear, swimwear and apparel brand Two Sparrow is on a mission make the most sustainable and ethical products possible from the world’s best materials.

In June 2019, while living in Richmond and working in a corporate position, Two Sparrow founder Jade Sewell-Robertson was just about to take off on holidays, and, as most do, asked her friends what the best swimwear brands were and where to buy them.

From the conversation, the Torquay resident remembers one of her friends saying that she’d just bought 10 pairs of bikinis for $2 off a major distributor at a pop-up store.

Jade said she was gobsmacked at the cheap prices and abysmal quality of the items.

“When I had heard from my friend that she had purchased all these bikinis for $2 and then endedup throwing them all out due to none of them fitting her, it certainly made me feel pretty disgusted that something like this is even possible in the fashion world,” she said.

“The anger and disgust, made me look into the ethical side of swimwear and want to change the way that we looked at swimwear and fashion.

“From my research, I was able to discover Econyl, which is the sustainable product of fabric that Two Sparrow uses, a product that we fell in love with for its ethical and recyclable nature.”

The material Econyl, which has been used by the Torquay label since 2019, uses regenerated Nylon which consists of 78 per cent recycled polyamide (from plastics and fishing nets) and 22 per cent elastane.

Thanks to its innovative construction, the fabric is twice as resistant to chlorine, suntan creams and oils than other competitors in the market.

Bikini and swimwear patterns are sourced from Econyl and then designed and manufactured by Sewell-Robertson and the rest of her team on the Surf Coast Photo: TWO SPARROW


From her findings and eagerness to promote a more sustainable fashion future, in late 2019, Jade quit her corporate career, moved to Torquay, and took on the Two Sparrow concept full time, providing her with a new lease on her professional life.

“The move to Torquay was absolutely terrifying and a big leap of faith at the time, however it has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

“By starting the brand, I was able to begin creating new collections and items that I knew would consider all effects on the environment, which gave me a pretty nice feeling.”

Two Sparrow’s first swimwear collection, launched in 2019, was manufactured in an ethical grade factory in Guangzhou, China with the factory audited by Intertek – auditors for 30,295 factories in apparel worldwide.

However, as COVID hit and factories and manufacturing changed, Jade realised being Australian made was most important.

“COVID really made me want to move manufacturing to Australia where our roots lie,” she said.

“We moved all our manufacturing to factories in Geelong, Melbourne and Sydney and from there and with the needs of the people during the pandemic, we expanded our business from just swimwear to apparel and activewear to keep up with the demand for sustainable products in the market.”

Jade said to the move to Torquay being the greatest thing for her business by being around an area with so much growth in the sustainability market.

“We wanted to align with those surfy, coastal vibes which in essence is where the brand has shifted towards by being in Torquay.“There is a great focus on sustainability in Torquay with plenty of amazing companies in the area.

“Being around all these like-minded people and brands has certainly helped the brand and the ethical business practices that we stand for.”

By making the move to Torquay, Jade has become involved in Ripple Surf Coast which is a local business who help others become more sustainable and conscious of
the planet.

Ripple Surf Coast is made up of a committee of local based businesses and certified B Corporations with representatives from Patagonia, Bellroy, Happy Spaces, Two Sparrow and many more.

The organisation aims to create a better world through business by spreading the word locally and empowering ecosystems.

Activewear was added to the Two Sparrow label in 2020 as demand rocketed during the pandemic. Photo: TWO SPARROW

Jade credits the Ripple Surf Coast group, saying that it has no doubt assisted in helping her brand achieve and promote even more sustainable pathways by communicating with like-minded people who have similar goals.

In 2022, in line with their sustainable and ethical pathways, all stages of the Two Sparrow manufacturing process are sourced and completed by the team.

From approving and making the patterns, to sourcing every underwire, to labels, to the clasp at the bottom of the top, all is accounted for and sourced ethically by Jade and her team.

Moving into the future, the business wants to be a leader in the sustainable and ethical apparel, swimwear and activewear world, they aim to educate people on trying to research and delve into the background of being a sustainable and ethical brand by staying clear of greenwashing.

Two Sparrow are committed to continuing to uphold sustainable and ethical solutions towards making swimwear, activewear and apparel. Photo: TWO SPARROW

“As our business grows, we want to continue to encourage people to buy quality and not quantity,” Jade said.

“Being Australian-made means things are more expensive, however buying local and manufacturing local is what we believe is most important.

“In turn, by buying locally we reduce carbon emissions, build up our economy and have a knowledge of who is making the garments that we all buy.

“We want to grow and reach the right people for the right reasons.”

You can find the Two Sparrow range on their website at twosparrow.com.au