Zimmermann: The Ultimate Fashion Brand for the Elites

April 15, 2021 BY

Whether it's their spring/summer collection or some other lines, the brand often tends to use a lot of glamorous prints and vibrant colours.

Gushed over by influential celebrities, such as Beyonce, Bella Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Alba, and many others, Zimmermann became a household name among the fashion elites.

It was in the early 1990s when Nicky Zimmermann was done attending a fashion school in East Sydney. She set out to design a collection of womenswear in her parent’s garage and took them to the Paddington market. She wanted to see how her clients react to the design, learning from their feedback, and channeling their goodwill into crafting new pieces. Within a few months, Nicky found a partner in her sister, Simone Zimmermann.

In 1991, the two sisters founded their eponymous fashion brand Zimmermann by opening their first shop in Sydney. In the early days, they infused fashion with swim separates and became an immediate hit among the fashionistas of the opulent class. The brand made its way to the US in 2011 and branched out the UK market in the following years.

Anyways, let’s explore what makes the brand so appealing to women all over the world:

An Image of Sophisticated Femininity

While the many traditional appeals associated with femininity are no longer valid for the newer generations, sophistication is something adored by all. Zimmermann, then, was perfectly poised to be a hit among the millennials, thanks in part to its incredibly elegant design choices.

Whether it’s their ready-to-wear dresses, stylish swimwear, or extended collections of shoes and accessories, the Australian brand exudes a bit of its origin in each of its designs. From the sexy cut to the flattering evening wears, the poise and spontaneous beauty of a feminine figure are reminiscent of the natural and geographical setting of Australia; with its calming natural scenes–a perfect base for classy inspirations.

A Passion for Detail and Quality

Zimmermann is what made swimwear fashionable, and so, it’s not too much to expect nifty detailing in their design works. The brand rises to the challenge pretty effortlessly, with each of its garments showcasing finesse and radiant qualities. It is then safe to assume that the vision that the brand wants to portray in its collections is realised with meticulous care and a passionate application of detailed craftsmanship.

The materials of choice make a significant difference, too, with its upscale fabrics and leathers exuding a fineness that can never be achieved with any other materials. The impeccable detailing, on the other hand, makes the little things, like belts, straps, and buckles a statement on their own.

A Love of Colour and Print

Originated in a country that is blessed with sunshine and many other gifts of nature, Zimmermann takes up the responsibility of making the world look more vibrant and fun. Whether it’s their spring/summer collection or some other lines, the brand often tends to use a lot of glamorous prints and vibrant colours. The tiered maxi skirt is a perfect example of that, while even some swimwear is adorned with incredible botanic prints, too.

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