126 lot plan submitted to Shire Council

December 24, 2020 BY

A plan for a new residential development in Winchelsea has been submitted to council.

WINCHELSEA continues to be a acknowledged as a growth area following the submission of a 126 lot subdivision to council for consideration.

The plans show the proposed site for the subdivision is on former farm land, at 135-235 Austin Street, with block sizes ranging from 300-900 square metres.

According to the development plan submitted to council, the site will “facilitate the future orderly subdivision of the land which will create a variety of lot sizes to meet the varying housing needs of the emerging Winchelsea Community”.

“The development plan will also facilitate the creation of a logical integrated road network to provide a number of access opportunities to meet future needs of the pedestrians and cyclists of this community.”

The land sits on the south eastern side of Eastern Reserve and is just a short distance from the centre of town.

The proposed development will be a series of conventional residential allotments spanning a range of housing densities, including one area of medium density allowing for 15 dwellings per hectare. It may also include roads and an access point to the Princess Highway, which is sure to lure prospective commuters.

The development plan details the possibility of a convenience store to service the local area, however acknowledges this may be unnecessary due to the site’s proximity to the Winchelsea town centre.

The development plan acknowledges the importance of preserving Winchelsea’s country town and heritage feel when constructing the development, providing “wide streets, open spaces, and adequate space for front gardens with a generous setback from the street”.

Median property prices in Winchelsea have increased over the past five years by $170,000, driven by its population growth as people increasingly look for alternatives to city living.